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  • This package features the best of the best and this month we have amazing Shichiri Farm - Sky Ranch in Gifu.  Generally in the $225-250/lb this is a spectacular deal and fantastic package for those wanting to try different cuts.
  • Shichiri is known as the World's Greatest Hida Beef. PursuitFarms is the exclusive importer of Shichiri Wagyu.
  • 1 Striploin (12oz) ($125)
  • 1 Ribeye (16oz) $165)
  • 1 tenderloin 14oz) $165)
  • 1 Zabuton (16oz block) - recommended to slice in 2mm-4mm slices $185
  • 1 Chuck Cut (16oz block) $105




Hida beef cattle are raised on the clean air and pristine water of Gifu prefecture located under the shadow of Japan’s Northern Alps. Although the prefecture originally had several varieties of local cattle referred to as “Gifu beef,” the Hida beef brand wasn’t established until the 1980s when a cattle farmer brought a breeding bull named Yasufuku to Gifu from Hyogo prefecture, the birthplace of Kobe beef. Yasufuku is widely considered to be the patriarch of modern-day Hida beef cattle.


Hida Beef: The Wagyu That Charms Your Tastebuds Senseless"

The main differences of Hida beef from other wagyu can be found in its muscle and marbling. While all branded A5 varieties feature intense marbling, Hida beef is considered by many to be the ideal wagyu. That’s because the snowlike mesh of marbling not only permeates the tender steaks cut from the loin but is also woven throughout other cuts as well, including the shoulder (chuck), hindquarter (flank), and rear leg (round), which gives Hida beef its distinctive juiciness.