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  • NEW! Yonezawa Beef! A5 BMS 10 - Pursuit Farms Wagyu
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NEW! Yonezawa Beef! A5 BMS 10

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Yonezawa is one of the top beef out of Japan, and Pursuit Farms is proud to be the first to bring this exclusive feature to the states.

  • Wow, the beef fat melting point is one of the KEY features of this beef. The lower melting point is even faster than others.

  • Small steak cut is enjoyable due to richness of fat.

  • We have two options: Grade A4 BMS 6 is recommended for those loving tenderness of Japanese Wagyu but wanting to eat more of a meaty flavor than fatty flavor. A5 BMS 10 is rich and delicious.

  • For Whole pieces of Primal cuts (ribeye, strip, tenderloin), please contact concierge @

  • For thick-cut, please contact concierge.