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Special Box of Beef - for Families - Large Format

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$595.00 USD
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$780.00 USD
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$595.00 USD

This box is for discerning Mothers and fathers who want to cook nutritious meals for their kids, with a little bit of a "splurge" of Wagyu but not a Wagyu-Beef Dominated Box (which can be a bit pricier) and more for entertaining guests.

Our Grassfed Beef is some of the best available in the US.  We are fixing two major problems despite the health benefits of Grassfed beef:

There are two problems normally with grassfed beef:

1) cow eats bad grass = gamey flavor. or

2) cow genetics and muscle structure is not great = tough meat. 

Fed a mixture of beautiful grasses that are vacuum packed at the height of green-grass season, mixed with hay and a little molasses for sweetness... no grains.

never-ever program means never antibiotics, never hormones.  

Portions are made for family of 4, with a little for leftovers, which will allow for 1-2 beef dinners/week.  This is a large family-style package.  

  • 8pack 14oz Premium Grassfed Ribeye (4-6 meals)
  • 6pack - 24oz Skirt Steak packages (6 meals, freezes well)
  • 1 australian wagyu picanha roast (3-3.5 pound) - can be roasted of steaked.
  • 2 individually wrapped pounds of Japanese Wagyu A5 "offcut" for more value, a bite of succulence for entertaining/special dinner
  • full cooking support from chef + restaurateur
  • $780 value,  *introductory price*