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Recipe for Wagyu Meat: Green onion salt sauce

If you're looking for an accompaniment for meat, try this sesame oil, garlicky and slightly sweet onion accompaniment: can be served with fatty and lean cuts alike.  Textural contrast goes beautifully with Gyu-tan (Wagyu Beef Tongue)


100g white onion or Tokyo-Negi (between scallion + leek size)

30g sesame oil

5g apple cider vinegar (or champagne vinegar)

15g honey

5g soy sauce

5g salt

2g ground black pepper

2 pinches of Ajinomoto (optional)

5g grated garlic

stir fry onion in sesame oil, then add other ingredients & stir fry over medium low heat until softened. do not let the sugars burn. cook until softened. Please refer to the video and happy eating!

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