Collection: Japanese Wagyu - Fatty & Melt in Mouth

Pursuit Farms is proud to be teaming up with the #HouseofJapaneseWagyu, an initiative created by JFOODO, established by the Japanese government to spotlight the best sources for authentic Japanese Wagyu in the USA.

"Japanese Wagyu is the most exquisite piece of beef you can ever have," says chef Erik Sun, founder of Pursuit Farms. "Note its melting point at 80-90 degrees, which is below body temperature of 98 degrees...when do you have beef that just melts on your tongue?"

While you'll find our entire lineup of Japanese Wagyu below, we've been especially obsessing about off-cuts. "I started calling them 'Chef's Cuts,' because there's absolutely nothing 'off' about these cuts.  Here you'll find some of the most unique and desired Chef's Cuts highly sought after in Japan.  They're one of the best ways to splurge at home," says Sun.
Yes, Chef!

>Show us what you cook up @WagyuofJapan @PursuitFarms #OneBiteWonder, and we'll be sure to reshare faves.