Welcome To PursuitFarms

I have traveled the world in search of the best ingredients and food, sometimes even harvesting them myself out of sheer love for food. Since 1990, I have visited Japan regularly and dined at its top 10 Yakiniku & Steakhouses with Japan’s leading culinary expert, my friend Shinji Nohara, who guided the late, great Bourdain on his television shows.

I’ve observed the rising popularity of Wagyu beef. However, many sellers are promoting the same mass-produced farms that have received awards. In my opinion, these farms offer beef with minimal taste and often sell old, frozen inventory. This inventory is shipped frozen, defrosted, cut, and then refrozen.

To preserve the integrity of our beef, I import it fresh via airfreight.

I offer custom cuts, packaging, and can create unique gift boxes tailored for you or your recipient. We also provide custom packages that are exclusive to PursuitFarms.

Thank you for choosing PursuitFarms as your source for the world's most premium Wagyu beef.

My Promise

I have been traveling the world in search of the BEST food for decades, going to extreme lengths to source and provide you with the very best available. Since the early 2000s, I have owned a spearfishing company in South Africa, spearfishing, hunting, and dining in some of the world’s finest restaurants. I am constantly on the lookout for the best, whether it's seasonal offerings or items we acquire at auction. When I say 'best,' I mean exceptional flavor and consistency. Occasionally, a wine can be truly spectacular. But was it merely luck, or can the winemaker consistently produce such excellence over time?

The specialized producers I have selected—considering the terroir, feed, transportation, and processing—all contribute to the quality of our offerings at Pursuit Farms. Mastering every step of the process has honed my ability to provide you with nothing but the best. Our range at Pursuit Farms varies from everyday cuts suitable for family meals to meatier, 50/50 Australian Wagyu/Holstein blends that are both meaty and rich. And of course, the absolute best Japanese WAGYU beef available on this planet, entrusted only to those who represent the farmer to the best of their ability. This is why much of our ultra-premium Japanese Wagyu is exclusive to us.

I've dined at the top steakhouses and Yakiniku (Asian BBQ) establishments in Japan, and I have no doubt you'll be thoroughly impressed with our ultra-premium Wagyu offerings: Hokkaido Snow Beef (crafted by a Japanese billionaire), Ohmi Beef (Japan’s oldest Wagyu brand), Certified Kobe (world-famous), and the renowned Olive Fed Wagyu (hailed as the world’s rarest steak). I've never encountered such a comprehensive selection before and wanted to curate something timeless for our customers.

We maintain exclusivity or establish direct relationships with many farmers and farms that adhere to the highest and strictest global standards. We avoid purchasing old frozen inventory to ensure the taste and texture remain uncompromised. I owe this commitment to our producers and to you, our valued customer. I hope you cherish your purchases from our shop. I guarantee that what you receive is top quality and precisely what I would choose to enjoy myself.

Thank you for choosing Pursuit Farms.

Erik Sun
Owner & Founder, Pursuit Farms