"It is no secret that PursuitFarms has the best beef in the world." Named Best Beef by Business Insider.

We are meat enthusiasts and have also traveled to the top steakhouses from Japan to Italy to Spain and eaten at the top 10 in Japan with legendary fixer Shinji Nohara. We carefully inspect every farm and carcass before offering it. Chef Erik Sun not only has legendary restaurants but he HAND-RAISES LEGENDARY Mangalitsa Pork fed with a finishing diet that is UNRIVALED anywhere in the world. There is no other Meat company in the world doing this and at the top of the game. Click the Mangalitsa link to pre-order if you're able to get on the list. If you're looking for the BEST, you've come to the right place. From Japanese Wagyu to dry-aged crosses, We also raise our own almond-finished Mangalitsa Pork and Legendary Fat-Tail Sheep (owned by the first 3 USA Presidents).

Our Founder & Owner Chef/Farmer Erik Sun has been featured in UPROXX Human Series, LA Weekly, Furthermore by Equinox, Eater, SF Chronicle, Business Insider, Nextshark, Sunset Magazine for his unwavering commitment to the highest quality. There is no other meat vendor like PursuitFarms. We either hand-select the Wagyu at Auction or raise the animals ourselves. Every step of the process is considered to create the highest quality meat and customer experience. Thank you for visiting our site and we hope to serve you with the highest quality and best experience!



“If your idea of luxury begins and ends with Wagyu, check out Pursuit Farms. ”


A message from Us:

We at Pursuit Farms Wagyu have been sourcing the best ingredients in our renowned restaurants - now available in your very own home. Chef-owned & operated, we are the only seller certified to carry all these top farms: Yonezawa, Kobe, Hokkaido Snow Beef, Ohmi, Sendai, Olive, Mizusako, Mrs. Wagyu, JapaneseX, and our own Private Reserve Wagyu hand-selected at auction. If you're looking for the best that Japan has to offer, look no further. We are proud to help you from the purchase through the cooking process. For immediate assistance please contact us through our chat.