As Wagyu gains popularity, many sellers are purchasing old, frozen inventory from mass-produced farms.

Pursuit Farms was born out of a desire to offer the best of the best wagyu has to offer, with a variety not found anywhere else - and most importantly, always fresh.


We have exclusivity or direct relationships with many farmers who honor the highest and strictest standards worldwide.

We either hand-select the Wagyu at auction or raise the animals ourselves, never buying old, frozen inventory.


We cut and pack orders at our USDA-inspected Los Angeles facility. Offering unique custom packaging, we tailor boxes for you or your recipient. We import fresh beef via next or 2nd-day airfreight to preserve quality and use eco-friendly packaging with recyclable ice packs for freshness.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How will my order be shipped?

Orders are shipped through UPS 2-DAY, OR UPS Next Day Air w/ a cotton-based, eco-friendly insert/ and or 48-72 hour shipper. 

What temperature will my meat be delivered at?

All of our meat is imported fresh and delivered fresh. We do use supercold ice pack sub zero temperatures which can do two things: slightly discolor steaks (also in absence of oxygen, discoloration happens), and bring steaks to slightly below freezing temperature temporarily in some rare cases. We recommend keeping track of the UPS Delivery schedule and putting it in the refrigerator immediately. 

Is fresh meat better than frozen?

We believe that fresh meat is always better than frozen meat when it comes to our premium cuts. While freezing beef is perfectly normal, the ice crystals that form can change the texture of the meat and create “purge” where the moisture comes out of the meat and changes the texture.  You can still choose to freeze some of your meat. It should last approximately 2 weeks in the cryovac in the refrigerator. When defrosting, defrost in the fridge at least overnight.

How is the meat packed?

All of our meat is individually cut and vacuum packed in the specified portion sizes (indicated in the descriptions). The vacuum pack ensures the premium quality of the fresh meat and allows you to easily break out individual portions and, if you need to, conveniently freeze.

Where do you ship?

We are currently shipping to the lower 48 states and Hawaii with additional fee.  If you live in Hawaii, please select hawaii as there is a small shipping surcharge. Canada orders are flat-rate $125 at this time.