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What Wagyu should I buy?








With many options of Japanese Wagyu and Australian or even Domestic Wagyu, it can be overwhelming to look past the pretty marbling of the meat and figure out what to buy -  especially for a first time buyer. Similar to buying wine, many different regions and cuts can make it difficult, especially if trying to quickly shop for a gift or a dinner.

Below, we will go over the major differences as well as suggest easy options and get into more detail for the different farms we offer.

Feel free to scroll down to the section that is most applicable to you and engage our customer service team concierge@pursuitfarms.com if you need additional help.  We will respond to you within 12-24 hours.


Australian, Domestic, 100% Japanese. What is the difference? Below are some generalizations that we’ve noticed in our over 10+ years in the industry.

  • Australian: Most Australian Wagyu = Japanese Wagyu genetics crossbred with Holstein, giving a 50-50 Wagyu Holstein cross.  This is called F-1 Cross. Some are 75% or 85% or even 100% but it would have to be designated/specified.
  • Domestic Wagyu: is usually 50% Wagyu 50% Angus; a bit more tender than the holstein breed but finished on grains a lot less time, so the marbling is not as much as the Australian counterpart.
  • True Japanese Wagyu takes a long time to get to finishing weight and marbling, making it expensive.  Most are grown to 30-36 months compared to 18-24 months of others which contributes to higher marbling and deeper taste & aroma.  The taste and texture of Japanese Wagyu melts below body temperature, normally in the 80-85Farenheit range.  Japanese Wagyu is usually brought into the country as A5 as people have a misconception that higher grade (A1-A5) is “Best” but this doesn’t mean best, it just means fattiest.  There is a sweet spot in each farm and each cut, which is what we at PursuitFarms try to sift through the mediocre cuts and offer you the best.  

You can search for any of our options in our search box:


-MEATIER TEXTURE: Australian Wagyu or Japanese X are great options 

-BEEFIER TASTE: Mizusako, Arita A3, JapaneseX 

-DAILY EATER: Grassfed box (lean), portioned Skirt Steaks

-BUDGET: Chef Cuts, Asian BBQ Cuts, Grassfed, Japanese Tri-tip, Japanese Chuck-eye

-FATTY & “WOW”-recommended in smaller portions per person: SHICHIRI ($199), Hokkaido Snow Beef ($299), Olive Beef single origin, Arita, Sendai high BMS (marbling score) 

-DEEP FLAVOR: Dry Aged (when available)


  • Our easiest option is our Omakase package. Give us a budget, we’ll take care of the rest.
  • A good sampler for 3-5 people is Australian & Japanese Wagyu Sampler  They include ribeyes and strips so really nice cuts..  Australian Wagyu is more meaty. Japanese A4 and A5 Wagyu is more melt in your mouth and more resembles Fat (healthy and good for you! according to National Institute of Health)
  • Special box of beef includes daily eaters + a some premium cuts  like our premium grassfed line as well as Australian + Japanese Wagyu cuts
  • Our Pursuit Farms “Wagyu 1000 and 2000” are very popular.  Some families split them with another family.

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