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Recipe: Yakiniku Sauce - Red Miso Yakiniku Sauce from Sendai

Pretty simple - boil the Mirin and Sake together so the alcohol is burned off. Toast the sesame seeds. Grind half and keep half whole. This is important.

sesame sake mirin soy apple

250g garlic blend / chopped  or pounded

Red miso from Sendai: 375g 

Brown sugar: 500g 

Mirin: 100cc 

Sake: 100cc 

Shichimi: 5g  (7 spice, optional)

Ground Sesame 50g

Whole toasted Sesame 50g

Dark soy sauce: 500cc 

1 tablespoon honey 

1/2 onion (coarsely chopped) 

Apple, grated

black pepper to taste

1 Sesame oil: 1 tablespoon.  Korean sesame oil is a lot more fragrant - try to find a good brand.


Note: the brands of soy sauce, mirin, sake here are run of the mill ones you can find at most any grocery store.  Important not to use Mirin with corn syrup as it's overly sweet, and avoid Soy sauce with too many additives. 

For additional UMAMI and addictiveness, steep kombu and/or use fish Dashi in in a mesh bag to infuse flavor but not particulate matters.


yakiniku sauce



NOTE: Don't overmarinate. 30 min max!


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