Our Beefs

PURSUIT FARMS carries only the most premium Japanese Beef that we eat ourselves. Our brands are world-renowned and highly sought after. Some are considered cult-beef and available only in limited quantities. Please place your name on the waitlist for any item that is out of stock and we will notify you first thing when it arrives. Explore and TASTE our unmatched collection!


Legendary Hokkaido snow beef comes from the Private Reserve from Chateau Uenae Lake Farm, which is the rarest and most highly-coveted beef of them all. Pursuit Farms is only 1 of 10 in the world certified to sell it. The cattle, which are raised by a specialist named Fujio Terauchi, live their days in freezing temperatures which is said to give the meat a lower (fat) melting point that yields an intensely sweet flavor and snowflake-like delicateness. No more than 2 cattle are harvested each month, ensuring only the highest quality of beef is available on the market.

Snow Beef was originally supplied solely for private consumption purposes at Dr. Asanuma’s private restaurant in Sapporo, the capital of Hokkaido. 

Chateau Uenae still only has a limited amount of Hokkaido Snow Beef available for export and is known the world over as one of the rarest beefs, and a myth in overseas gourmet circles.


Reasons to try

  1. Calf quality is better -Yonezawa carcass price is 10-15% expensive than many, even premium brands because good quality calf is bought by like Yonezawa, Hida or high brand farmer. Yonezawa has high ration of excellent meat.

  2. Beautiful fat flavor Yonezawa has but melting point is fast too. Take care to handle this because Yonezawa fat is really faster to melt. It takes off from ref. It comes changing color of fat already started to melt.

  3. Fat Taste is perfect. Top feature of this brand.

  4. The best meat of female. Meat Color is reddish. Rich taste (not greasy) but refreshing ever never tasted before actually.

  5. Long feeding period more than 33month.

    Started aging theirs body.

    30month is usual date of slaughter.



Olive beef from Kagawa are fed olive pulp and won the 2017 Wagyu Olympics for best fat quality.  Pursuit Farms is the only source for Fresh-delivered Olive Wagyu.

After years of observing the leftovers resulting from olive oil production going to waste, Ishii hit on the idea of feeding this nutritionally rich material to his herd. Initially, the animals wanted no part of the bitter substance but after many trials and errors, Ishii hit upon a complex, time-consuming process of drying and roasting the pressed olives. This caramelized the natural sugars resulting in a sweetness the finicky bovines were happy to eat. The effort that goes into this process fits perfectly with the Japanese ethos of mottainai , to waste nothing.

It soon became evident that the cattle fed this mixture were producing superior beef. Not only was the meat rich, buttery, and supremely marbled, the high oleic content makes both the animals and the resulting beef very healthy.

Our Beef = chef Selected, and the best available anywhere. With proper aging technique and the best farms. Buy with confidence from the most respected in the industry: Kobe, Olive-fed Wagyu, Hokkaido Snow Beef, Omi Wagyu, and the original farm that brought Wagyu to Australia.


This is the oldest brand of Wagyu dating as far back as as the late 15th century. The beef is imported from the Shiga Prefecture just once per month and was the Japanese Emperor’s Favorite Beef, moreso than Matsusaka and the famed Kobe Beef. Pursuit Farms offers this favorite in limited quantities.

Once people taste Omi Beef, they are introduced to its deliciousness and the depth flavor. These attributes represent the full essence of certified Omi Beef. We believe most visitors to this website, especially non-Japanese, have probably never had the opportunity to eat certified Omi Beef. One reason for this is due to its limited production.

Every year a mere 6,000 cattle certified as Omi Beef are shipped. Therefore, the distribution of Omi Beef is limited and it is currently only available at certain fine dining establishments. However, this means that producers can raise each and every head of cattle with a deep pride and passion, devoting the greatest care and time (tema-hima). Unlike mass-produced cattle, Omi Beef is raised with techniques and an insistence on small-volume production, in the same way that a traditional craftsman produces a masterpiece.


Offering both 50% Wagyu, 50% Holstein genetics, this blends introduces a blend of both the western and Japanese characteristics of beef-loving cuisines. As well as 100% Fullblood Blue Label Wagyu, Beefy and rich, with good marbling to ensure a juicy and tender steak. These cows are fed a barley ration for over 400 days after being pastured on grass for 18 months.