Shipping Schedule & FAQ

SCHEDULE & Fees: includes reusable eco friendly insulator + reusable ice packs.

Please select the shipping option that works best for you or contact our concierge

ALL Orders ship by Tuesday or Wednesday.  Orders must be in by Monday or Tuesday to ship that week due to shipping company delays we do not ship on Thursday or later at this time until further notice.

  • 2-day reduced shipping($32-35 flat rate) must be ordered by Tuesday 7pm PST to ship Wednesday. Recommended to order Friday-Monday to ship early Monday/Tuesday in case of delivery delay.

Please note: there may be instances where we run out of items and we apologize in advance. We supply restaurants, private chefs, and our inventory may fluctuate depending on bulk orders. If we do not have the item, we will reach out ASAP to see if you would like to hold the order, or have a replacement. We will give you best suggestion based on what is best currently. Thank you very much. To read more detail, please continue.—>

We do our best to minimize the cost of shipping. However, shipping perishable products is expensive (cheaper than a flight to Japan!). But our extensive selection - some you will not even find available in Japan.


Shipping Container & Ice . Containers are ecologically friendly, biodegradable Cotton-based Foam on most shipments.

Ice: specially developed non- toxic, food grade gel refrigerants that will not liquefy, leak or spill to contaminate your product. Cold Ice gel is 98% water and 2% Non-GMO cotton.  It’s non-toxic and biodegradable gel. Contain FDA-GRAS approved ingredients and are odorless and colorless.  

All Cold Ice gel packs are packaged in tough durable recyclable polyethylene wrappers with heat welded seams to ensure maximum resistance to punctures, tears and splitting. Also, all our product labeling is printed with ecologically safe, water-based ink.

Schedule & Shipping Policy

We are open M, Tu, W at the moment. Cut off time is 7pm night before to - at quickest - ship the next day. If we are backed up due to excess of orders, we will prepare ASAP. We are limited by staff and current COVID Restrictions, we follow safe protocol, and cannot over-staff at the moment. Please order ahead if you need.

-California - $19

-UPS 2 day - $32

-UPS Overnight - $49


-We use UPS overnight, UPS 2-DAY & GSO for delivery, however there may be more time needed for processing. We will send you a tracking email ASAP.

2 DAY ORDERS MUST BE IN BY TUESDAY EVENING IN ORDER TO SHIP THAT WEEK. (Will ship Wed for Fri delivery at soonest). We suggest ordering before Monday. IF YOU SELECT 2-day shipping on Wednesday, your order will not be processed until the following week.

Saturday Deliveries: Order before 5pm Thursday w/ SATURDAY DELIVERY SELECTED (extra cost) :

Shipping Fees: NOTE: THERE may be more lead time needed on some items. Real cost of shipping is generally double this cost already. This is heavily discounted.

  • USA: $49 Flat Rate OVERNIGHT Shipping includes reusable insulation, & reusable gel-packs.

  • CALIFORNIA ONLY: $19 Flat Rate shipping within California.

Other Notes & Returns:

  • Due to the perishable nature of the Beef, Returns are not accepted. We will, at our discretion issue a replacement or credit if and only if the following policy is adhered to by the customer: We do our best to package properly, and ensure timely and accurate deliveries. Sometimes, Delivery company is late. The items are perishable, so please notify us if there is an issue or error in your order within 24 hours upon receiving so we can make it right for you. We are here to make LIFETIME customers!

  • When sending a gift you must make sure the gift recipient will be available for delivery. We are not responsible for deliveries delivered on time but recipient not home/available to receive.

Thank you for your patronage and I hope you enjoy your delicious steaks!!

-Pursuit Farms


How will my order be shipped?

Orders are shipped through UPS 2-DAY, GSO, OR UPS Next Day Air with Proactive Response on orders over $500, the same service used to ship medical organs, Currently we have upgraded from a foil insulated liner to a cotton-based, eco-friendly insert/ and or 48-72 hour shipper. We will post details on the packaging on a separate page.

What temperature will my meat be delivered at?

All of our meat is imported fresh and delivered fresh. We do use supercold ice pack sub zero temperatures which can do two things: slightly discolor steaks (also in absence of oxygen, discoloration happens), and bring steaks to slightly below freezing temperature temporarily in some rare cases. We recommend keeping track of the UPS Delivery schedule and putting it in the refrigerator immediately. 

I used a thermogun and the steak was above 40F, what should I do?

In the summertime, this can happen temporarily. However, the thermogun measures the temperature of the plastic, and not the steak. If you take a milk carton out of the refrigerator and temp it, it will be above 50F because you are measuring the container, and not the steak itself.

Is fresh meat better than frozen? (Most of the other meat delivery companies deliver their meat frozen with dry ice)

We believe that fresh meat is always better than frozen meat when it comes to our premium cuts. While freezing beef is perfectly normal, the ice crystals that form can change the texture of the meat and create “purge” where the moisture comes out of the meat and changes the texture.  You can still choose to freeze some of your meat. It should last approximately 2 weeks in the cryovac in the refrigerator. When defrosting, defrost in the fridge at least overnight.

Where does my meat ship from?

We cut, pack, process, and ship out of a USDA Inspected facility in Southern California and we have been working with them for over 15 years in our restaurants. 

How is the meat packed?

All of our meat is individually cut and vacuum packed in the specified portion sizes (indicated in the descriptions). The vacuum pack ensures the premium quality of the fresh meat and allows you to easily break out individual portions and, if you need to, conveniently freeze.

Where do you ship?

We are currently shipping to the lower 48 states and Hawaii with additional fee.  If you live in Hawaii, please contact us before ordering as there is a shipping surcharge.

Is it safe to pay online using my credit card?

Yes, we use a certified PCI Service Provider Level 1 payment processor called STRIPE. This is the most stringent level of certification available in the payments industry.

How do I contact you?

We work inside a USDA approved facility at 409 Centinela, Inglewood, CA 90302.

Our best mode of contact is: and we will gladly assist you.