Wagyu of Japan

Japanese Wagyu

"Japanese Wagyu is the most exquisite piece of beef you can ever have. Note its melting point (at 80-90 degrees, which is below body temperature of 98 degrees)—when do you have beef that just melts on your tongue?
Pursuit Farms is proud to be partnering with JFOODO, established by the Japanese Government.
This campaign we are featuring Off-cuts - I started calling them "chef's cuts because there's nothing off about these cuts. They're one of the best ways to splurge at home"
In order to promote the excellent cuts not normally eaten outside of Japan on a Wagyu cow, we are showcasing:  
Tritip Zabuton, Picanha, Rib Cap, and Rump Cuts.  All are beautiful, and we are here to assist you in your purchase and your cooking.  
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