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The TRUTH about Japanese Wagyu in America

Today we will cover

  • The Problem with Most Sellers
  • Cheap Wagyu and continue to add to this guide as you seek reputable dealers for some of the world's best beef. 


“The Problem with Most Sellers”

You’ll see a number of online “sellers” selling the same items




Purebred. If you see multiple sellers with the same product line up (and frozen) you can almost be sure most all get from one distributor who allows these guys to sell - many of them illegally -  out of their homes

Most of these guys have no experience - no knowledge of food let alone Wagyu.  In fact, a number of them tried wagyu for the first time and thought it was the best thing since sliced bread and wanted to start selling (and contacted us) during the pandemic.  We refused because selling through questionable channels ultimately creates a problem for the customer (unless they were authorized butcher shops or restaurants who could add value to the customer.).  Many of these brands are commodity brands that are from massive feedlots rather than small batch producers.  They are most often frozen, defrosted, cut, then refrozen.  More on this in the next section:


Cheap Wagyu

Many of these “wholesale customers” ask us “what is cheap” or "do you have any frozen blow out"

Well, there is cheap wagyu that has been frozen indefinitely.   When importers need to blow out inventory they often drop the price and blow them out on the market.  But we do not believe that expensive, premium Wagyu should be frozen, then defrosted, then cut, then frozen again.  This greatly deteriorates the meat.  Often these are brought on frozen cargo ships and at sea for weeks. 


We are committed to only import fresh, directly by air, cut fresh with the most sought after farms from Japan.  We believe you will taste the difference it in our quality.




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