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  • Simply put, I have traveled the world in search of the best ingredients and food, including harvesting it myself when needs be for the love of food! Having Traveled to Japan since 1990, and eaten in the top 10 Yakiniku & Steakhouses in Japan with Japan’s best person in food, my friend Shinji Nohara (who took the late, great Bourdain out on his television shows to show him the ropes).

  • I’ve noticed the increase in popularity in Wagyu, but many sellers are pushing the same commodity, mass-produced farms that got an award, but in my opinion, have very little taste, and are selling Frozen, old inventory often that is brought over frozen on a ship, defrosted, cut, then frozen again.

To maintain the integrity of the beef, I import fresh via airfreight.

I custom cut, package, and can create an amazing box just for you or your client/gift recipient. And we have custom packages not available anywhere else.

Thank you for shopping with PursuitFarms, your source for the world’s most Premium Wagyu Beef.


I have been traveling the world for the BEST food for decades, and have gone to extreme lengths to source and provide you the very best that there is. I have owned a spearfishing company in South Africa since the early 2000’s and have spearfished, hunted, and eaten in the world’s best restaurants. I am always on the hunt for the best, whether it’s seasonal offerings or items we purchase at auction. What do I mean by Best? I’m looking for flavor, and consistency. Once in a while for instance, a wine can be spectacular. But was this luck, or can the winemaker do this and stand the test of time?

The Specialized producers I have chosen - the terroir, the feed, along with the transportation and processing all contribute to the the quality of our offerings at Pursuit Farms. Knowing how to do every step of the process has enhanced my ability to give you the best there is. Our offerings at Pursuit Farms range from daily eaters for the family, to meatier, 50/50 Australian Wagyu/Holstein blends that are meaty and rich. And of course, the Very Best Japanese WAGYU Beef there is on this planet entrusted to only those who will represent the farmer to the best of the ability. That’s why a lot of our Ultra Premium Japanese Wagyu, you won’t find anywhere else.


I’ve eaten in the top steakhouses and Yakiniku(Asian BBQ) in Japan, and I have no doubt you will be very impressed with our Ultra Premium Wagyu line: Hokkaido Snow Beef (made by a Japanese Billionaire), Ohmi Beef (Japan’s Oldest Wagyu Brand), Certified Kobe (World Famous), and famed Olive Fed Wagyu (dubbed World’s Rarest steak). I have not seen these offerings all at once, and wanted to create something special that will last the test of time.

We have exclusivity or direct relationships with many of the farmers and farms who honor the highest and strictest standards worldwide and we don’t buy up old frozen inventory because I don’t want the taste and texture to be compromised. I owe it to our producers, and I owe it to you, the customer. I hope you love what you purchase at our shop. I promise what you are getting is top quality and what I would like to eat myself.

Thank you for your business.


-Erik Sun, Owner & Founder

Pursuit Farms



Pursuit Farms is led by Erik Sun, founder of The Pursuit of Food with the philosophy of using whole-animals, and seeking out the very best ingredients anywhere. He is the owner of 3 restaurants in San Francisco due to open in 2020 (one being a Wagyu Beef restaurant), and part of acclaimed restaurants Bestia and Bavel in Downtown Los Angeles. He has been featured in Uproxx, Eater, Tablehopper, was named 39 most Eligible Bachelor’s under 39 by MSN (now married), LA WEEKLY, and more.

We’re here to help you choose, select, and cook the best beef. We currently cut and pack inside a small family business USDA inspected facility in Los Angeles.

Our whole Primal pricing is discounted from our cut-and pack pricing by a small amount to allow the experienced or adventurous cook more freedom of experimentation. Hope you love what you get from us and thank you for stopping by!

Drop us a line should you need anything.