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A5 Wagyu Sendai BMS 12 (Exceptional Marbling)

A5 Wagyu Sendai BMS 12 (Exceptional Marbling)

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Introducing the pinnacle of A5 grade Wagyu, boasting a marbling score of 12 out of 12.

Nestled in Japan’s Tohoku region, Miyagi prefecture stretches from mountainous terrain to the Pacific Ocean. Its fertile plains, centered around Sendai, cultivate prized rice varieties like sasanishiki and hitomebore, known for their culinary excellence. This same rice feeds Miyagi's Japanese Black cattle, essential for producing Sendai Beef, a hallmark of Wagyu excellence.

Only Miyagi's Japanese Black cattle, raised on a diet of rice stalks and grains amid Miyagi's pristine environment, qualify for the coveted A5 grade designation. This ensures Sendai Beef is not only tender but also exceptionally flavorful.

Experience Sendai Beef exclusively at Pursuit Farms for a limited time.

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