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  • Australian Ribeye and Japanese Wagyu Sample Pack (3 pcs total) - Free Shipping Included - Pursuit Farms Wagyu
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Pursuit Farms Wagyu

Australian Ribeye and Japanese Wagyu Sample Pack (3 or 4 pcs total)

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$285.00 USD
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This package is perfect for those wanting two beefy, meatier steaks in the Australian (our Aussie is one of the absolute highest quality programs coming out of Australia), and a Premium farm (non commodity) Japanese.

  • 2 pc Australian Wagyu Ribeye or Strip Steaks 12-14oz

  • 1 pc premium farm (non commodity) Japanese A5 Strip or Ribeye 12oz. May be thick or thin cut, depending on the specific primal. Smaller primals, will be full length cut. Larger primals will be double thick cut, half length.

Or, add another piece of premium farm Japanese for only $95 more (original value, $130)