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Mangalitsa special BEAST Box - Raised by Chef Erik Sun -LIMITED - (Sold out Every month) Preorder for Late June 2024

Mangalitsa special BEAST Box - Raised by Chef Erik Sun -LIMITED - (Sold out Every month) Preorder for Late June 2024

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DELIVERY NOTE: Entire orders placed with this product will ship when this product restocks.  Also available in half and whole pig, email concierge@pursuitfarms . com for help.  Preorder for December.  We also have WHOLE or HALF PIGS available. 

"These Mangalitsa Pigs were grown with the intention to combine my favorite aspects of my two favorite porks: Iberico acorn-finished from Spain and the elusive Wild Boar that I used to hunt finishing on almonds, pistchios, and figs.

My goal is to create a deep flavor with rich succulent meat that also we have learned from Wagyu cattle husbandry."



Our Mangalitsa breeding stock comes from a farmer who is retiring but used to supply 3 michelin star restaurants in the bay area (French Laundry, Saison).  The pork is finished on nuts and grains as well as grasses and Alfalfa - it is juicy and flavorful and the initial offering has 22 month old Barrow (male) and 14 month old Boar (male, intact)

Our initial offering is a mixed box of Almond Nut finished Mangalitsa - so juicy and flavorful. Mixed box of 6, 15, or 25 pounds.


Cuts that will be included/selected will be a combination of 6, 15, or 25 # depending on availability:

pork chops bone-in

pork shoulder chops

ground pork

belly (well balanced/sliced from 14 month, or 2 pound blocks extra fatty from 22 month old)





special order:

skin, lardbones, heads, tongues by special order


please message us / DM for special order / premium cuts only otherwise assortment is in order to get the full experience of this delicious pig where the fat melts like Wagyu - on the tongue! We raise these 100% ourselves and the inventory is special stock of chef Erik Sun; selected and bred for marbling + flavor.  

💎Mangalitsa is pricier to raise because rather than rapid growth pigs harvested much younger at 4-8 months, it takes a lot longer to grow and we let nature grow it at its own rate rather than have high spikes in glucose.  Our goal is flavor development and there is a difference between the young pigs and the darker, more marbled older ones. 

Mangalitsa is a wooly pig whose meat is legendary for charcuterie and lardo.  Pictures + videos to come. LIMITED availability.  we have 22 month barrow and 14 month boar available for July's harvest. Unless otherwise specified, we will send a combination of both.

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