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SENDAI Beef Ribeye (1 x 16oz)

SENDAI Beef Ribeye (1 x 16oz)

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Nestled in the heart of Japan’s Tohoku region, Miyagi prefecture stretches from the mountains to the Pacific Ocean. The fertile plains surrounding the city of Sendai grow much of the rice that gives Tohoku the reputation of “granary of Japan”. Despite Tohoku’s reputation for harsh winters, the lands along the Pacific coast enjoy a climate ideal for rice cultivation.  The same sasanishiki and hitomebore rice that is sought after by cooks and sushi chefs feeds the cows that produce Sendai Beef, one of the most prestigious brands of Wagyu Japanese Beef.

Only grade A5/B5 beef from Japanese Black (黒毛和種, Kuroge Washu) cattle bred in Miyagi prefecture can bear the label of “Sendai Beef.” Raised in the fresh, clean air and water of Miyagi and fed a diet of rice stalks and grains, Sendai Beef is tender and flavorful.

Sendai Beef is available at Pursuit Farms for a limited time. 


Available in: BMS 8 out of 12

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Combination of both.

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