Shabu Shabu: Japanese A5 Wagyu Shabu (32oz)

Shabu Shabu: Japanese A5 Wagyu Shabu (32oz)

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Shabu Shabu is one of the best ways to enjoy wagyu.  Thin cut, the method of cooking fully the shabu in water or a broth/dashi, or even eating it as carpaccio highlights the softness of wagyu and can upgrade any meal without it feeling too heavy and rich.


This is one of the lightbulb moment cuts that make you realize what you've been missing with A5 if you've only had it as a steak.


Featuring Premium Farm A5 Wagyu.

Note: standard pack: 2-4ct packs depending on cut, total 32oz.  Standard thickness is 2.5mm but may vary depending on cut and animal.  We will use our best judgment

-pictured cut is chuck eye roll. Your cut may vary. If you have preference on cut please message us we custom cut thickness with 10 pound minimum.



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