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A5 Wagyu Shichiri - Greatest Hida Beef - Top Farm in Japan

A5 Wagyu Shichiri - Greatest Hida Beef - Top Farm in Japan

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Hida Beef is one of the top Beefs in Japan, and Shichiri is known as the "Greatest Hida Beef" from Sky Ranch!  It is legendary amongst restaurateurs and chefs, the low melting temperature is something special!


Compared to many of the premium farms this is one of the top and considered a nice bargain and price performer.  We've been particularly impressed with how it handles on the palate and the extremely low melting temperature of the fat.


All shichiri is brought in FRESH never frozen air-freighted for the highest quality possible.  Try a 2-pack or 6-pack today and you will not be disappointed by this stunning beef!



Japan has a global reputation for magnificently tender and high-quality domestic wagyu beef. There are many delicious varieties of wagyu, but Gifu prefecture’s local Hida beef from Takayama is considered one of the very best.


The main differences of Hida beef from other wagyu can be found in its muscle and marbling. While all branded A5 varieties feature intense marbling, Hida beef is considered by many to be the ideal wagyu. That’s because the snowlike mesh of marbling not only permeates the tender steaks cut from the loin but is also woven throughout other cuts as well, including the shoulder (chuck), hindquarter (flank), and rear leg (round), which gives Hida beef its distinctive juiciness.


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