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Pursuit Farms Exclusive: Special Box of Beef

Pursuit Farms Exclusive: Special Box of Beef

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PLEASE SEE PRODUCTION NOTE at the bottom^ (pictured is Large Size). Medium size will have two pieces of Japanese Wagyu strip or rib.

This assortment was our top-selling item in 2020, hands down. It's a perfect mix for those seeking American Angus, Australian Wagyu, and Japanese Wagyu, and it's back now with our Premium Grass Fed line.

Featuring a variety of beef cuts and styles, all in one delicious package. Click through for more details.

  • Japanese A5 Wagyu Strip or Ribeye (1 x 12oz piece)
  • Japanese A4 Shoulder Blocks (2 x 8oz pieces)
  • American Wagyu Flank or Picanha (4 x 8oz pieces)
  • Australian Wagyu Ribeye or Strip (2 x 14oz pieces, steak)
  • Premium Skirt Steak, Depending on Availability (5 x 8oz pieces) - 5/5/24 Grass Fed ribeye pictured is no longer available
  • Japanese Wagyu Ground (Large 2-2.5#)

To add two more pieces of Japanese A5 12oz Wagyu, select the "Large" package for a discounted price.

^ NOTE: Due to production requirements and our commitment to sending the highest quality beef, we produce this package only during the third week of the month as our Grassfed harvest is once a month only.

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