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Shichiri Wagyu Tenderloin from Hida's Finest Farms

Shichiri Wagyu Tenderloin from Hida's Finest Farms

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Experience one of our best values with our premium Female Wagyu from Japan. While many competitors offer 8oz portions at this price point, ours weighs a substantial 12-14oz, providing exceptional value and flavor. Renowned for its marbling, this cut epitomizes Wagyu excellence, ensuring each bite is infused with rich, buttery flavor.

Traditionally considered a less adventurous cut, our Female Wagyu Tenderloin defies expectations, ranking among the top 5 cuts from the Japanese Wagyu cow.

Absolutely stunning! Please specify your preference for lean, fatty, or a balanced combination. Tenderloin cuts vary significantly in marbling from end to end, offering a unique dining experience with every slice.

Recommended cooking temperature: medium rare

Image: Customer-cooked, not by a professional chef 😉

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