Japanese Wagyu A5 Charcuterie - handmade by Chef Erik Sun

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What could possibly be better than low melting temp A5 Wagyu, cured...flavor infused...and some wine (you add).  this is some of the finest charcuterie you will find on the planet.   


Melts at 85Farenheit.... "melts on the tongue"

Everyone who has tasted it has loved it, so we are confident you will too! 


Due to the loss of weight and the high cost of ingredient, we are selling in minimum 2 pack x 7-8 oz for 150. minimum purchase order. 

 We may divide it into 4 packs for ease of separation of ingredient!

We rotate muscles so AUGUST muscle will look different than SEPTEMBER and OCTOBER.  We will choose the absolute BEST muscle of the month to cure for you.


-Erik Sun

Chef, Restaurateur