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NEW! Pursuit Farms Nut-Fed Mangalitsa Shares (1/4, 1/2, & whole hog shares) - Reserve

NEW! Pursuit Farms Nut-Fed Mangalitsa Shares (1/4, 1/2, & whole hog shares) - Reserve

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We have some of the nicest 100% Mangalitsa pork available, finishing on a mixed diet that includes acorns, almonds, & black walnut. This is a unique opportunity to taste meats from Chef & Restaurateur Erik Sun's Private Farm. 

NOTE PREORDER: Shipping date TBD, within 2-3 months.

Mangalitsa is similar to Wagyu in that the fat is low melting temperature and our goal is to create some of the tastiest and best pork available, raised outside which creates darker meat.

We are currently selling 1/4, 1/2, and whole hog shares; normal price for whole hogs are $2500 without Nut finish.  Nut finish adds a significant cost to our program however we will subsidize for our early purchasers.

-will receive a mixture of cuts, including but not limited to all the cuts on the animal. Bones, steaks, etc.

-Please note, Mangalitsa has a large amount of lard which traditionally is used for cooking due to the low melting temp and high Oleic acid / good fats.  If you are not familiar with this breed it is not uncommon to have smaller sized pork chops and large fat caps.

To reserve yours today, please check out.

Cost for shipping $0.75/lb to be billed prior to shipping. Includes packaging + reusable ice, etc.

Prices are for 300# live weight hogs (hanging weight after processing will of course be less).

Any hogs over that are significantly over this weight will have a surcharge that we will notify you about. 

If you have any questions about reserving, please contact:

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