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JapaneseX Medium Fatty by PursuitFarms (NEW!)

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$199.00 USD

A new PursuitFarms exclusive product in our line we’ve been working on for those loving meatier texture and rich fat.  It is similar to our ever popular Australian Wagyu in genetic composition because it crosses 100% Japanese Wagyu with Holstein, making for a meatier Wagyu.  However, the fat melts at a much lower temperature than Aussie Wagyu, giving you the best of a "meaty" and delicious mouthfeel you'd expect from PursuitFarms Japanese Wagyu.  Aged (wet) for over 45 days for more beefiness.



  • beefier Japanese Wagyu
  • low melting temperature of fat
  • great combination of meaty & rich
  • 14-16oz x 2

Save on 6 pack!