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Shichiri Wagyu - A5 Hida Beef - 2 Pack, 15-16oz

Shichiri Wagyu - A5 Hida Beef - 2 Pack, 15-16oz

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Japan is renowned globally for its exquisitely tender and high-quality Wagyu beef. Among the various delicious Wagyu varieties, Hida Beef from Gifu Prefecture's Takayama region stands out as one of the finest.

What sets Hida Beef apart lies in its muscle structure and marbling. While all A5-grade Wagyu boasts intense marbling, Hida Beef is often regarded as the epitome of Wagyu perfection. The delicate, snowflake-like marbling not only runs through the tender cuts from the loin but also intricately weaves through other cuts like the chuck, flank, and round, imparting Hida Beef with its distinct juiciness.

Cattle raised for Hida Beef thrive on the clean air and pristine water beneath Japan's Northern Alps in Gifu Prefecture. Originally known for various local cattle breeds under the "Gifu Beef" label, the Hida Beef brand emerged in the 1980s when a cattle farmer introduced a breeding bull named Yasufuku from Hyogo Prefecture, the birthplace of Kobe Beef. Yasufuku is revered as the patriarch of modern Hida Beef cattle.

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