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  • Genuine Hokkaido Snow Beef Strip A5 (1 x 14-16 oz.) - PursuitFarms
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Pursuit Farms Wagyu

Genuine Hokkaido Snow Beef Strip A5 Wagyu (1 x 14-16 oz.)

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1 piece of 14-16 oz. Japanese Snow Beef Striploin from Chateau Uenae Lake Farm, one of the world’s most exclusive beefs and the phantom of our Wagyu program. Current cutting is a Beef Marbling Score 12.

NOTE There are a LOT of imposters out there. Not to be confused with normal commodity "Hokkaido Beef" or "Snow Beef" from Niigata which are NOT Hokkaido Snow Beef.

  • With a Beef Marbling Score of 10 and above, the Hokkaido Snow Beef has a delicate meat texture with marbling so fine that it resembles snowflakes. The cattle are raised at a private reserve name Chateau Uenae in Hokkaido which only harvests two heads each month to ensure the highest quality of beef. The meat has a sweet flavor because of Hokkaido’s sweet corn that is added to the feed.

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